Hi my name is Katie and i live with my long term Partner Anthony and cats Timmy, Leo , Mugsie and Elfie i think we have enough cats now lol.

I set up this blog so that i could share all my projects so its a bit like a crafty diary. I choose to call it Life In a Snapshot because it reflects my scrapbooking hobby. It really is a snap shot of a moment in your life captured on camera and brought to life with journaling and embellishments.

 I have been scrapbooking since i was in college. I  began this highly addictive hobby when i needed somewhere to keep my photos and odds and ends from my voluntary work. I have grown from just creating scrapbook pages and broadened off into mixed media. I now design my own stamps which are for mixed media too.

I live in Birmingham UK which is a large industrial city and a bit of a mixture of very old and very modern architecture. we do have a beautiful canal system which branches out towards other parts of the city and the West Midlands area has a lot of history.

I like to collect things which is a habit i have had since i was young so you can imagine what my craft room is like. I love playing with different ink mediums and textures and i continue to grow my mixed media style. I also collect interesting stationary and really cute stuff which is called Kawii most of it comes from Japan and Korea.

when i am not working, i like to craft in some form or another either cards or scrapbook pages, i am learning to sew so i can add that to my list along with up-cycling things. I hate to waste things if they can be used for something else. My other interests involve visiting the beach as much as possible and the Paranormal, Unfortunately i dont go around buildings in the dead of night with a camera but i do watch a few TV shows, some of which frighten the life out of me to the point where i have to turn all the lights back on. I love a good mystery though and prefer to look at things rationally.

so now you know a bit about me.

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